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Preparing your Commercial Building for the Winter Months

Some things to keep in mind as Winter approaches.

Preparing your Commercial Building for the Winter Months

Winter is Coming! Hopefully, by now you have taken the necessary steps in order to ensure that your roof is ready for the cold winter months ahead, but if not, no need to stress, here are a few things to be conscience of with the upcoming season in mind:

  • Make sure that every section of roofing has had a thorough fall inspection
  • Check to make sure that all drains and scuppers are checked and cleared of any clogs
  • Check for any defects in flashings or sealants at penetrations
  • Check for splits in the membrane, any separations at the seams, ridges or blisters and deterioration

Some minor attention now will save you a lot of money and headaches down the road! Contact us at J&R General, LLC to come give you a free estimate for all your roofing or siding needs prior to the winter months. We’re here to help!

Signs Your Roof May Need to be Examined

Let us inspect your roof before more serious issues develop.

Usually when your roof needs to be replaced it begins to leak, buckle, split or blow off during a storm. These are all examples of obvious signs that the roof needs to be replaced, but what about the not so obvious examples? Some signs that your roof would need to be replaced might not even occur to you. It’s possible that your roof could be older than you think, the roof has some staining or your utility bill is going up due to improper underlayment or ventilation.

Here at J&R General we would like the opportunity to go over all the different options or solutions for all your roofing needs.


The Jealous Monkin Mystic Village
The Jealous Monk, Mystic Village, Mystic CT

Exclusive RoofWerks Service

Afforable Preventative Maintenance for your Roof

Our exclusive RoofWerks service is an affordable preventative maintenance service which will help ensure that your roof, gutters, and flashing hold up as well as possible to help prevent more costly damage or repairs in the future. We used our RoofWerks services at The Jealous Monk in Mystic Village. Click below to learn more about this preventative maintenance service which can be applied to residential of commercial buildings.

  • Roof Inspection
  • Gutter Inspection & Cleaning
  • Flashing Inspection

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Affordable preventive maintenance for your home with a roof, gutter, and flashing inspection.
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